Not Having The Right Label Can Affect Your Bottom Line.


Many businesses often overlook the great importance of having the right labels on their products. They think that just because it has bright colours, that it is going to attract the attention of any potential buyer. This is true up to a point, but when a customer tries to read the label, and it is not legible, then it is very likely, that they will place the product back to where they picked it up from, and choose another product, where they can actually read the label. The information needs to be right at their fingertips and you can provide them with most of what they need, by choosing the right kind of label.

Customers know what they want.

Customers nowadays, are very switched on, and they know what they want, and what they don’t want. They expect to find relevant information with regards to the product, and your sticker design (called ออกแบบสติ๊กเกอร์ in Thai) can greatly influence that. If you are somewhat unsure about what it is, customers want to read about on the label, when they pick a product up, then the following should help to explain it a little bit better.

  • List the ingredients – This is very relevant for food products, because people are more aware of what they want to put into their bodies nowadays, and there are certain ingredients that particular customers may be allergic to. If they don’t know exactly what the product consists of, then they won’t buy, and they will choose another product that tells them what they really need to know.
  • State the origin – Consumers now, are more worldly, and they make purchasing decisions based on where the product is made. They may have a value system that dictates that they won’t buy products from a specific region or country. This is entirely down to their personal opinion, but the information needs to be there on the label, for them to make an informed choice.

The vast majority of shoppers, when they were asked, stated that they made their purchase decisions based on reading the label on the product. Some shoppers said that if they couldn’t find the information they needed on the product while they were in the store, they would delay their purchase, until they research the product more online, at home. This means that your business will miss out on potential profit, because you didn’t have the correct label, and you didn’t list the correct information.